I’m crashing from a Pop Tart high

I took down the Christmas tree today. I had planned to take it down on January 6th, but ended up playing Rock Band, instead. If I were a Twitter user, that would be my constant update – “Playing Rock Band”. I would change it when I was playing Mafia Wars on Facebook. Obvs.

I’m relieved that another holiday season has passed. It is always fun to buy things for people you love, but you know there’s always someone for whom you’re obligated to buy a gift and THAT’S the gift that takes the most time, effort and stress to purchase.

I once had a relative who asked me for a rice cooker one Christmas. Easy.

Later that fall, when we were at her annual reunion, some people had gotten rice with their meals. She was sitting across from me and started in on a big rant about how she hated rice, never liked rice, couldn’t understand how people could eat rice, etc. I was wondering if she asked me for the rice cooker so that she could show it to people and say, “Everyone knows how much I hate rice, yet look what Scooterdeb got me!”


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