Turn off the lights and let me project my thoughts …

I’m sure you’re all aware that I moved house in October. Ha! I keed! Of course you don’t know, because I had been skipping the whole “blogging” thing in October and most of 2009.

I had started to become very, very annoyed with my neighbors and landlady. She seemed bent on catering to the flaky requests from the new tenants, while ignoring my real requests… and I’d been there for three years. There were new tenants because the rents were dropping all over town, but she wouldn’t drop HER rents, so existing tenants were leaving one by one. There’s only five apartments in the entire “complex”, so when people moved out, it was very noticeable.

It really got awful in August, when the continued argument over the security light came to a head. The front door of my place looked out on to the wall of the other ground floor apartment. Their wall had a security light that faced my door and sidewalk. When the new tenants moved in during my vacation, they told the landlady that the light was “too bright” and they wanted it disabled.

My landlady actually contacted the handyman to have him disconnect the light. When I returned from my vacation and called to report that my security light was broken, I found out the truth. I requested the light be fixed because, you know… it’s a SECURITY LIGHT. The new neighbor pouted that the light was too bright and kept her from sleeping at night. She had taken down her blinds (something else that annoyed me – since I didn’t have any blinds!) and had installed some decorative boudoir drape at the top of the window. Of course she wouldn’t be able to sleep!

Later that week, I saw said neighbor one morning and she asked me if I was on my way to work. I said yes and turned it around to ask her if SHE was on her way to work. No, she said… because she WORKED NIGHTS.



One response to “Turn off the lights and let me project my thoughts …

  1. I had a landlady like that. The apartment above me busted a pipe, flooding my place while I was at work. So they came and pulled up all my carpet down to bare concrete. When I asked when the new carpet would be installed, she said they were thinking of just painting the concrete, and that if I wanted carpet I’d have to consider how my rent would go up to accomodate it.
    We moved within two weeks.

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