Every frame of this movie looks like someone’s last known photograph

I thought we had tickets to see The Big Lebowski with a Q&A with Jeff Bridges after the movie. It turned out that we had tickets to a double bill of Crazy Heart and Lebowski with the Q&A in between films. I couldn’t really justify staying out until 1 AM to see the Dude on the big screen, so we left after Jeff Bridges exited the theater. I’m pretty sure if they’d reversed the showing order, no one would have stayed for the second film.

After seeing Crazy Heart, I have this to say about it:

1) Jeff Bridges is a really great actor and he should be winning all kinds of awards because he makes it look so easy.

1a) He is also a super-nice guy. And a giggler.

2) Colin Farrell is in the film as a country/western singer. What’s that about? Colin Farrell? Really?

3) I was very glad that Jeff Bridges told us the film was shot in 28 days and that this was the director’s first film. It sure LOOKED that way, but what do I know about movies?

4) The film in its current release needs a serious rewrite.

4a) In said rewrite, the main character should be dead by the end of the story.

4b) And the gratuitous sex scene with Maggie Gyllenhaal would be removed.

4c) And someone in charge of costumes wouldn’t let her wear that crushing boob top that made her chest look about 80 years old.

5) I think the director forgot about his audience.


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