I’ll take “To Be” for 50, Alex

One of my big Resolutions for 2010 was to create a sewing project once per month. That way, I’d have finished twelve things by the end of the year. It seemed reasonable at the time….

I was looking around online and found a tutorial for creating a skirt out of two t-shirts. It seemed reasonable enough. Cut out the front and back of the t-shirts, cut the panels diagonally and sew them back together in skirt shape. In theory, you wouldn’t have to use a drawstring or elastic, because it should just fit at the waist. Since it’s t-shirt material, it should be stretchy enough to pull up over your rear.

The diagonal cutting part of the job involved measuring one’s waist, dividing that number by 8, then marking off the resultant number at the top right and bottom left of the panels. What was completely missing in the directions was that you probably should’ve measured the width of the panels, too… you know, to make sure that the end result would fit your waist. I ended up with a skirt that would have fit Santa Claus AND Mrs. Claus. I fashioned a whole lot of pleats at the top and ended up having to add elastic anyway. Bonus: I bought a rotary cutter to help with the trimming and that thing is the best gadget ever! It sure will come in handy on pizza night!

As they say, I cannae be arsed to take a photy the noo. But I will get a picture of it eventually.


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