Got a squirrel in the oven if you’re hungry!

Instead of sitting at home and having our usual Sunday Night Supper last night, we headed out TO THE MALL. What madness is this?? Going somewhere on the weekend?

We almost never go to any mall, mostly because the closest one is being remodeled and won’t open again until this summer. The next closest one has a nightmare parking situation and I get lost each and everytime I visit. What kind of place has you park, then pass through a Barnes and Noble and take their escalators up three floors, find your way out, then walk across some bizarre pedway to the “rest” of the mall? A confusing place, that’s what. Even better, if you have the bad luck to be on the other side of the mall when it closes, you have to exit the building and try to work your way back across the street to the parking structure.

In fact, we weren’t really even trying to go to the mall. We were trying to go eat at BJ’s Brewhouse, but ended up having to park in the big structure behind the mall. After stopping at EB Games, the Hello Kitty store and the restroom (obvs.) we made our way to the iceberg-cold restaurant where we had a delicious meal served by an indifferent waiter.

Now if only the rain would stop.


One response to “Got a squirrel in the oven if you’re hungry!

  1. Sorry about the rain – it’s my friend Katherine’s fault. She was in LA all last week and the bad weather followed her out there.

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