Maybe I should take that job as a Mouseketeer

Back to work after a four-day weekend. It went just as well as you imagined it might.

I started afresh with my New Year’s Resolution to stop thinking that I can make a difference at work  taking things so personally. I never had a problem in the past (like… decade), in part because my contributions were recognized and I knew I was a valued member of a team. Now we all have a new boss who had her mind made up about everyone, their jobs, and their abilities before she even walked in the door.

This isn’t ony my imagination and general paranoia speaking. She had an individual “conversation” with everyone after her first day and she flat out told me that she knew what other people with my job title did and that she knew the person with that title (me, in this case) in THIS division had “never” had a lot to do. The heck?

All I can do is keep working as hard as I ever have and hope that she recognizes that her preconceived notions were incorrect.


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