He makes Porter Waggoner look underdressed

Some job applicants are memorable for the wrong reasons.

The first guy showed up a little late for his interview. We usually overlook that kind of thing because the office is located in a weird location and there’s no guest parking to speak of…

But he was wearing a pair of black trousers and a white t-shirt. The t-shirt wasn’t like a proper casual shirt one might wear with jeans. It was an undershirt. His hair presented another problem with its unkempt wildness. It may be LA and people may work hard to make their hair look like they just got out of bed, but this guy literally just got out of bed.

The next lady had put a lot more thought and care into her appearance. She was wearing a bright blue tracksuit with a matching bright blue headband. Somehow, she had managed to find a pair of shoes and a purse to match her outfit.

It’s times like these that I start to understand why the unemployment rate remains high.


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