Attention shoppers, there’s an unclaimed load in aisle 5

I’ve been locked in a dispute with a major American retailer for over two years. I write to them, they write to me and nothing gets resolved. Lately, they’ve taken to sending me a copy of their last letter and underlining the part that says their decision is final. I don’t think they’re reading anything I write. In fact, I’m not sure they’ve bothered to read anything I’ve ever written, because their responses are always canned form letters and my situation doesn’t fit neatly in to their List Of Valid Replies.

Even though I’m angry about the situation, I’ve lost my will to do anything about it. They’ve broken my spirit with their absolute craziness. At this point I’m convinced nothing I do will ever make them admit what they did was wrong, because they have no method for admitting wrongdoing.

I feel helpless.


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