It was your birthday last year

This is my fourth birthday in California. That means I’ve spent four birthdays NOT shovelling snow, NOT melting snow to put in the toilet tank so it can flush, NOT thawing frozen water pipes, NOT scraping ice off my car door locks, and NOT paying $500 a month for gas heat that’s not warm enough to maintain a temperature moderate enough to keep a fish alive in his tank.


2 responses to “It was your birthday last year

  1. Excellent! Now all you have to cope with are the mudslides, earthquakes, forest fires, El nina, air so polluted you can’t see through it and Arnie.

  2. Drat — I missed yet another of your birthdays! So much worse than that is the fact that I’m so MANY months late to write a note of rejoicing about the engagement — and I am truly rejoicing over that. Despite the fact that I knew absolutely NONE of the details that were taking place your respective personal lives, I had a strong heart-feeling about the two of you for a very long time before reading about the betrothal. Very gratifying to know that my heart and its musings were on-track. Of course I’m wishing all the best things possible for you and Brian, and all the blessings you can handle.

    So — Belated Happy Birthday, Belated Happy Blogiversary, and Oh-So-Belated Happy Betrothal. Heh — Take out all the “lated”s above, and you’ll get a whole lot of “Be Happy”s. 🙂 Love to you both!

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