Monthly Archives: December 2010

I’ll make some coffee sandwiches

I go to 7-Eleven in the mornings to get a coffee cup refill. I don’t even like coffee, but I like 7-Eleven’s revamped and upgraded self-serve coffee bar. I can get a half cinnamon, half blueberry coffee with two shots of sugarfree hazelnut syrup and a chocolate creamer and I don’t have to translate that into some kind of lingo for a barista who will sigh because I’m hopeless. Plus, I save like four and a half dollars by cobbling together my own DIY coffee.

Today I got a cup of regular coffee and managed to pour the chocolate creamer into the trash hole in the counter, instead of into my coffee cup. It’s already that kind of morning.

Although I’ve visited other 7-Eleven store locations to sample their coffee bar offerings (and they’re all different!), I tend to go to the same store each weekday and say good morning to the regular staff of employee. There’s usually two men and one lady working in the store, plus a random different guy making all the coffee.

This morning I looked through their holiday display and saw a Christmas C-3PO in a Santa Suit. I thought if it were $5 or something, that would be a fun decoration. But the boxes were unmarked, so I didn’t know if they were $3 or $10 and I decided to ask the cashier.

The lady cashier was alone at the counter.

When I walked up, she was taking the perfume sample papers out of a magazine, opening them and rubbing them on her neck. All of the samples. All mixed up on her neck.

Me: How much are the Star Wars bobbleheads?

Her: The what?

Me: {points to Christmas decorations display} The Christmas Yoda.

Her: I don’t know.

Me: Neither do I.

Her: I’ll have to look up the price and let you know.

Me: Thank you.

Her: Next in line.



My subsequent behavior would even startle Freud

At least seven times a day, someone suggests that I “should blog that”. My general response is that blogs are so early 2000’s and no one really does them anymore.

Secretly, I still read my favorite blogs. It makes me feel guilty for taking and giving nothing back in return.

My good friend Manuel once asked why I had stopped posting and I told him I felt I had stopped being funny. He noted that his own blog wasn’t funny (though I beg to differ) 🙂 and that never stopped him from posting.

Tonight I accidentally ended up on my own blog and figured what the hey. So here’s to taking advice from old friends and to tentative new beginnings. 🙂