We’ve got flashlights and a dark space, let’s make a movie!

{Check it out!! I found this in my Drafts folder! It’s been sitting here since January 15, 2010! That’s super crazy because I had already moved away from the place in question in October 2009. You’d think that after all this time, the post would be perfectly edited, but no… I’m just going to post it as is 🙂 }

After my discovery that my neighbor was telling the landlady that she couldn’t sleep at night because my security light was on and her telling me that she worked nights, I looked her up on Facebook. I found out that what she did at nights wasn’t really what you’d call traditional work.

When she said she worked nights, I had images of her working at a hospital or police station or ambulance service. Instead, it turned out that she “worked” improv at various open mic nights around the county.

We discussed the security light. I told her I was concerned about the security of the place, since my bicycle had been stolen from my front door and my front door was blocked from the street AND we lived in a place with locked gates and access codes.There was no reason for it to have been stolen, because no one should have ever seen it. She said she needed her sleep at night.

I called the landlady to tell her I really wanted the security light back because it was pitch black outside my door at night, which made it difficult to even leave the apartment to walk to the trash enclosure without taking a flashlight. She said she decided that she would install “Blackout Blinds” for the neighbor before having the light fixed. I figured that would end badly, since the neighbor wasn’t interested in using anything – not even sleep shades – to BLOCK the light. She just wanted NO light.

It was bad enough when I had to deal with the college-aged… how do you say… “douchebags”… that lived upstairs, and the three partying bachelors vomiting in the common area, but now I also had to put up with basic crazy.


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