Is that gravy? I thought the dog had gotten sick …

A special line was installed on my phone at work so I can help answer calls. The idea is that I don’t have to leave my desk to cover the front desk phone calls. However, if I’m back here in the corner and no one else is here, how can I help people who walk up in to this biscuit? You’d think that to cover the front desk, you should really be at the front desk. If people can answer the phone remotely, why even bother to come in to work? Our Customer Service Assistant could stay home, answer the phones AND have her dog barking all over the place, just like here.

The dog ate the analyst’s rug and barfed it up in Rio’s office.

The smell made me ill, even though the analyst claimed it was just clear stuff, plus rug pieces and had no real vomit smell.

Yes. Yes, it did. I left and went to the mail room. It was pretty gross.

The dog has already peed all over the front desk this morning.

Everyone else is just laissez-faire about the whole thing.

Boss Lady has “suggested” three different times that the dog be left at home for various days/reasons and Our Customer Service Assistant manages to come up with reasons why he should come to work. Why can’t Boss Lady just tell her it isn’t working out?

I know Boss Lady wants a “work dog”, but this dog isn’t it. He needs some obedience classes. He freaks out and starts barking at people outside when Our Customer Service Assistant is on the phone, he rushes the door and races out into the parking lot, he nips people when they try to pet him, etc. When he’s just sitting in the chair, he’s fine. When other co-workers walk in, the dog leaps six feet off the ground so he can grab the paperwork out of their hands.

Our Customer Service Assistant doesn’t want to leave him at home during the day, because guess what? He tears up the place while she’s at work. That’s why she’s so keen to bring him in.


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