Can you cash a hundred?

Man! Those 7-Eleven cashiers! When it’s the angry short lady and that grouchy short man, it’s always a disaster.

Today there was almost no coffee in any of the pots and the Help Yourself Station was hardly stocked. Neither of them were making more coffee or refilling the stuff. The lady was walking around with her tablet, checking inventory and the man was running the register. There was a Hugh Jass line of people waiting to check out and they all were apparently doing their weekly shopping, because they were buying multiple gallons of milk, loaves of bread, cans of Manwich, etc. The cashier was trying to bag all this stuff up and he asked the lady to help.

She grudgingly walked over to the other register and shouted, “Next!” and I stepped over to hand her my dollar. She looked at him and he said, “I could’ve taken that”. WTH? Why didn’t he, then??? Probably because he was bagging the milk and helping the guy in front of me who was STILL at the register!

I had to get the butter toffee coffee because that was the only one that had any in the pot. It was fine, but I’m worn out with those two cashiers.


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