For a robot, he’s got a really flat butt

I stopped at 7-Eleven for a coffee refill. Before I entered the store, my option was to answer the man approaching on my left, asking if I could spare sixty cents, or to take a flier from a man dressed as the Statue of Liberty.

The same two cashiers were inside, but they didn’t annoy me like they had done before…

The lady cashier was standing there obviously eavesdropping on a woman who was blathering on into her cell phone at the newspaper rack.

The other guy was working the register and he managed to conduct the entire transaction without ever speaking to me. He rang up the coffee and looked at me. I handed him a twenty, he took three fives and four ones from the drawer, fanned them out to show me it was the correct change and then handed it to me.

Maybe he’s a mime.


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