Existential void where prohibited

See? It’s only the third day and I’m a panic over having to write something that might induce weeping or laughter. I knew this was all a bad idea.

Yesterday, the big excitement of my day revolved around taking the new(er) car to the smog station. I remember getting the DMV registration paperwork and thinking I had all kinds of time to renew. Ho, no! It was all due yesterday!

There was no way I could call in late on my new job (“Uh… yeah, I forgot to do something that I’m supposed to do every year, so I’m obviously a bad planner and you should fire me….”), but there WAS a way I could take the car to the smog station over lunch. It meant that I had to find a new place closer to home. My usual smog station was nearest my old job, so that was out.

I discovered a smog station a couple of blocks away tucked inside an “auto service center” that I always avoided because it has one driveway that’s usually blocked by trucks. I’m not a fan of no-way-out drive-up places because that’s where you’ll get trapped by the zombies after the apocalypse.

Hoping for a zombie-free encounter, I drove over there, ENTERED THE WRONG DRIVEWAY, passed a car wash and separate “auto service center” I didn’t know was there, and ended up behind the place I needed to be. I circled around and got the right driveway the second time.

No one else was at the smog station portion of place. It still looked a bit sketchy. There were mechanics and auto body people and all kinds of I Don’t Know What, so I avoided eye contact and conducted my business with the smog fella.

He said it would take fifteen minutes. Why? Yo no se, as they say.

The car passed and I was on my way, only $50 poorer after using the $10 off coupon.


One response to “Existential void where prohibited

  1. I hated getting the car smogged. It was like I personally was being judged.
    “No, senora, no pass. Bad smells.”

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