Isn’t it against the rules to shoot an opponent in a foot race?

One of the maddening things about Facebook is that it highlights the inability of your friends to actually read anything longer than 128 characters in a “status update”. I blame Twitter. And a general lack of paying attention.

Tonight I posted a link to a funny blog post by The Oatmeal in which he described his experience running a 50-mile ultramarathon last Saturday. I received a number of Facebook messages congratulating me on completing the ultramarathon that I ran last Saturday.

Le sigh, right?

I’m going to post the link here for no reason other than because I think people who are already reading blogs might be able to figure out what’s going on.

My attempt at humor was to pull a quote from the post (“Despite 2/3 of my running buddies sorta having near death experiences, I’m actually really happy I ran the race.”) and compare it to my own experience running the 2011 Los Angeles Marathon.

Speaking of races, the training season for the 2012 LA Marathon begins three Saturdays from now. I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to shave off about 90 minutes from my finish time next year, solely by not stopping with my running buddies every time they need to pee. Live and learn!


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