Take, for example, these plastic, self-cleaning ducks…

I had all these notions about throwing out a bunch of clutter this afternoon. In my defense, I did clean an entire bathroom and vacuum all the rooms today, so it’s not as if I lay on the couch for seven hours reading crazy stuff online.

Though it may have been seven hours, now that I think on it.

I finally threw out the PS3 box. I had been keeping it IN CASE WE MOVED. That way I’d have the original packaging and all. If I had an attic or something, I might have continued to keep the box, but I don’t and it’s been two years now. I made the sacrifice. If we DO move, I will be forced to use INFERIOR PACKAGING for transport of my PS3.

Maybe the movers will break it and reimburse my purchase of a replacement system.


I also found a school backpack from TWO TEARS AGO. It still had a full load of papers, books, permission slips, candy wrappers and broken pencils. That may have been the easiest part of the cleanup. I retrieved a handmade ceramic coaster from the depths of the backpack and then took the entire thing to the trash chute.

If I actually used tags, I’d probably tag this entry as “steampunk”, since that’s all the rage these days and this post totally epitomizes the hipness of the 19th century.


One response to “Take, for example, these plastic, self-cleaning ducks…

  1. I am so grateful for your post.Much thanks again.

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