Sandcrabs are using their death ray!

You know I love all my Friends on Facebook, but I swear I’m going to snap if I see one more link to animal cruelty prevention sites that have attached images of mutilated dogs and cats.

I thought about putting that up as my status update: I love y’all but I am going to defriend you if you continue to post pictures of dogs with their throats cut.

Of course, I didn’t say anything, in large part because I don’t want to have to deal with the responses. “Oh, we have to show how HORRIBLE people can be!”, etc.

No. You don’t. We can imagine. Doesn’t a picture of the injured animal somehow empower the abuser? “Look what I did! Ha! It’s all over the internet! Woo!”

After I calmed down over it, I just “silenced” those people out of my News Feed. I still see the pictures if I go to their page, of course.

The answer is that I should just give up on Facebook altogether.


2 responses to “Sandcrabs are using their death ray!

  1. Amazingly, my sister, who has all the sensitivity and tact of a Sherman tank, only posts pretty “adopt me” doggy pics. I’d drop her ass like a hot rock if she started the other sort. It’s like those commercials for animal charities that show skinny, sad-eyed, obviously-abandoned pets…. I can’t channel flip away from those fast enough. Sure, they’re good causes… I just can’t see it. Bad enough I know it happens.

  2. I wanted to straight out defriend the biggest offender, but … I know her in real life. She just lost her job and she’s emotionally fragile right now. I didn’t want to add to her weirdness right now, but MANG! (as we say) she is definitely adding to MY weirdness!! The other people I just cut loose on principle.

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