I only peeped six hours, but I’m gonna put eight on my time card.

Today I woke up in some kind of weird mood. Nothing was right. The air felt heavy on my shoulders. All my muscles were achy and I was super blah.

I went to work, because that’s what I do. About an hour into things, another lady asked me as a matter of conversation, “How are you this morning?” I could only respond with, “Bleh.”

Instead of laughing and saying, “I hear ya!” or “Sounds like someone has a case of the Mondays!” she asked me what I did differently over the weekend. I asked why she was asking. She said whatever it was that was different would be the reason that I felt “bleh” this morning.

To be honest, this weekend WAS different. On Saturday, I only ran one mile with the new people at the running club. I usually run seven miles with the old people at the running club. On Sunday, I laid in bed feeling grumpy. I usually get up, get dressed and walk over to a free yoga class in the morning.

Had I known that skipping my usual physical activities on the weekend would cause me to feel this badly on Monday, I’d have forced myself to get up on Sunday to make up the mileage missed on Saturday. At the time, I thought I was taking a much-needed break… but it hurt more than helped.

My co-workers invoice for the deskside therapy will probably arrive in an interoffice mailer.

I sure hope I get my merde ensemble before the training season begins.


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