Monthly Archives: February 2006


Last night I folded Neighbor 7’s laundry when I took it out of the dryer. He walked in right as I finished and acted surprised that I hadn’t just crammed the load on top on the washer in a rush to get my clothes into the dryer. I told him I wasn’t the type to throw the laundry of a neighbor (or anyone, for that matter) onto the washers or into a wad on the floor, though I was well-acquainted with people likely to do so.



Last night I went to see midnight screening of Rocky Horror with Marukan and MS. Here’s a picture of them next to that lady I always end up standing next to in the line.

MS has gone before, so she knew what to expect. Marukan declared the entire experience, “Just like the cafeteria at school”, what with all the screaming and throwing of stuff.

Once I was inside the theater, one of the security guards grabbed my camera and took a picture of the lady sitting next to me. What’s up with that?

After the movie ended, we swung by Ralph’s to do our weekly grocery shopping and saw that same lady again. It looked like she was loading up on mascara, concealer and pineapple juice.


Tonight someone found my blog by doing a Google blogsearch for Geocaching. This is the first time EVER that I’ve gotten a blogsearch hit for anything besides crossdressing. Which isn’t the same as Ranch dressing. Ranch dressing probably involves chaps and boots. And a branding iron. And a leather bullwhip.

I’ll be right back.


You know that classic conundrum they float around that asks, if there were two jobs available, and one paid poorly but it was mentally challenging, fun and interesting, and the other one was dull and boring, but paid an outrageously high salary, which would you choose? And people all talk about how they’d take the low paying one, because they couldn’t stand being bored for eight hours a day, or they say they’d take the high paying one, because they could pay for any number of different forms of entertainment for the other sixteen hours of the day?

I say it would be better to take the job with the better manager. It won’t matter if the work is interesting or if you pull down a seven figure salary if your boss sucks donkey bollocks.


It was another lovely day for a Geocaching adventure, and I know y’all are just on the edges of your seats waiting to find out where I went this time. When I first input the coordinates to the GPS, it said the place was 1.4 miles from home. Yes, well, it is, if you could walk across water. And I can’t. I tried to find the place last week and got stuck at the edge of a dock in the harbor, 800 feet from my destination. I had no luck flagging down a passing sailor, so I just walked back home.

Today, success!!! My traveling partner was so excited to find a friendly sailor at N 33� 58.569 W 118� 26.783.

At first I thought the sailor was seasick, since he was green and all. But it turned out that he was from the oul country. After sharing some laughs, we took some more photos.

Then we took our new friend home. My traveling partner let him ride shotgun.


I brought home my Valentine’s Day flowers!


Honk if your friend just called you and asked you to pick up her son at his afterschool program because she’s stuck on a movie set with Morgan Freeman.

Just me, then?

Now with added David Mamet t-shirt goodness

The less said about the Geffen Playhouse production of Boston Marriage, the better. Let’s focus instead on the afterparty (the one where free beverages were handed out, but the only beverages available were red and white wine – “Drive safely!” they said before we left) and the bags of swag, shall we?

Inside said bag were two bumper stickers and a keyring from Indie 103.1 (the radio station from which I’d won the tickets), a Girly Girl lip liner pencil, a Sexy lip gloss compact, a Sweet Tarte makeup kit, a Rebecca Pidgeon CD and a David Mamet t-shirt.

That’s right. I said a David Mamet t-shirt. I’m sure to be the only girl on my block with one of these.